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Twinci Launches Ambassador Program for Creators
6/5/2021, written by Events

Twinci has always appreciate talents and hope to see them develop at their best. We're delighted to announce the launch of the Twinci Artist Ambassador program — An opportunity to be a part of the Twinci content creator community! Top artists from all corners of the entertainment industry are welcomed represent, promote & join in minting their content into NFTs!

Being an artist chosen by Twinci, you will:

  • Have a verified profile with green tick, which will ensure the credit and reputation. Your artworks will be sold easier and and will appear in a distinguished category.
  • Receive lifetime royalties for your artworks, every time they are sold by their new owner, you will get a certain percent from that sale.
  • Get an allowance of $50 to 200 in BUSD per month (Depend on your performance and influence - We will offer after assessing)
  • Chances to be promoted inside the platform, to become our major KOLs and more


And in order to get those benefits, there are a few requirements:

  • Activate in Twinci Marketplace as an artist with at least 3 new NFTs created and put on sale every week (old artworks are accepted)
  • Promote your artworks at Twinci on your social channels
  • Support promoting Twinci’s event
  • Share your artwork in Twinci Community group
  • Make a report of your tasks and send us at the end of the month for assessment.
  • Link your Twinci profile on Twitter/Instagram

We hope we could be great partners and that we’ll all grow together. We look forward to hearing good news from you. A confirmation email with details on terms will be sent again upon the start of the partnership, attaching the sample of the report.

Be a part and grow with us by JOINING NOW!

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