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How to farm TWIN/BNB pool and earn WEX on Wault Finance
5/16/2021, written by Events

TWIN/BNB pool Info

TWIN Token Address: 0xAF83F292fcED83032f52ced45ef7DBDdb586441a

High APR: 1300%


How to add liquidity for TWIN/BNB pool

1, Visit the homepage:

Select Connect Wallet


2, Select  Add Liquidity


3, Select Select a currency. In “Select a token”, input and choose “TWIN”.


4, Insert your desired amount of tokens to provide liquidity by writing the quantity of either TWIN or BNB. The remaining bar shall be filled automatically based on the current market rate.
After filling all transaction details, press Supply to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens.


5, Confirm Supply and the remaining transaction details. After this, you have successfully provided liquidity to TWIN-BNB pair and can use the LP token to farm for more WEX


How to farm TWIN/BNB pool and earn WEX

1, Choose Farm


2, After the webpage is open, scroll down to find TWIN-BNB pool.
Once you find the pool, press TWIN-BNB pool to start farming with your LP token.


3, Once the pool is open, insert the desired amount or simply choose Max to lock all your LP token into pool for farming.
Then, choose Stake to lock your LP token to the pool.


4, After confirming all transaction details, your submission is complete and you are ready to receive reward WEX from pool.


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