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(Twinci Community, Lee Jan)

On April 12th 2021, our community had a chance to have an AMA with Ms. Lee Jan — Admin of Twinci community to give fruitful information about the Twinci project — the first NFTs social marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.

At this AMA, Ms. Lee Jan directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on Twinci as well as announcements on the upcoming IDO on April 16th.

Time: 8:00 PM (GMT + 7) on Monday, April 12th, 2021

LJ: Nowadays, decentralized social networks are becoming popular, in the future we plan to use a social network about NFTs (like Instagram on Blockchain).

This phase has started 2 weeks ago, with main features coming to the next time:

  • Newsfeed where you can see the activities of the people you follow.
  • Donate tokens by liking or dropping a heart into NFTs.
  • We set aside a budget for you to participate in the referral program that introduces users to the platform.

LJ: Today, we are pleased to announce you guys very important information:

After nearly a month of product launch, we did not encounter any security errors.
In the process of finding partners to expand our market, we are fortunate to cooperate with Launchzone is top 1 signal Dapp and its total volume reached 1 billion USD last month.

Launchzone is one of the top and promising Dapps in the BSC ecosystem.

After many agreements, we come to the agreement that on 16th April 11:30 PM (GMT + 8 HONG KONG), we will IDO on Launchzone platform. Total tokens issued is 100,000 Twin Round 1, 50,000 Twin for Round 2 and we will have a guide to buying IDO soon.

Detailed tutorial for the IDO will be available tomorrow.

Q: #AMA How twin token is distributed?
LJ: IDO Round 1: 100,000 TWIN; IDO Round 2: 50,000 TWIN

LJ: Now, time to publish the twin tokenomics!!!

  • Total supply: 5,000,000 TWIN
  • IDO R1: 2% — 100,000 TWIN
  • IDO R2: 1% — 50,000 TWIN
  • Pancakeswap Liquidity: 4% — 200,000 TWIN
  • Retroactive airdrop: 2% — 100,000 TWIN
  • Dev Team: 15% — 750,000 TWIN (Lock 365 day, every day unlock)
  • Marketing & Partnership: 24% — 1,200,000 TWIN (Lock 365 day, every day unlock)
  • Ecosystem Reserve: 21% — 1,050,000 TWIN
  • Farming & Staking: 31% — 1,550,000 TWIN

Q: #AMA Where do I check the contract?
LJ: You can now check twin tokenomics locked at:

Q: #AMA When farming and staking program will be launch?
LJ: After the IDO, we will launch farming program.

Q: #AMA When is the twin list on pancake?
LJ: After the IDO please.

Q: #AMA The price per token on each IDO pls ?
LJ: Round 1: $1, round 2: $2; The detail on how to buy IDO on LaunchZone will be announced tomorrow

Q: #AMA Any plan to list on cex sir? And which cex are you guys targeting ?
LJ: Sure. We are working on that.

Q: #AMA Who is the retroactive airdrop program for? Artist?
LJ: Anyone who contributes to the development of our Dapp.

Q: #AMA So what is the difference twinci and twinci token? I own some twinci now…
LJ: That’s such a great question.

LJ: The last important piece of information is that:

In a mandatory term, in order to cooperate and develop the market with Launchzone, we are required to change our Tokenomics that means the Twin token contract will also be changed.

After IDO, we will proceed to convert your token again. Hope you all understand this inconvenience. This is an opportunity to open up the growth of users and the value of the token in the future.

Q: #AMA What is the convert rate? 1 twinci = twin token?
LJ: That’s it. One per one.

Q: #AMA How to convert tokens?
LJ: We will build up a liquidity pool so that you can swap as conveniently as possible.

Q: #AMA Is there a limit to the number of twins to buy?
LJ: Sure. Here we have how twin token is distributed. IDO Round 1: 100,000 TWIN; IDO Round 2: 50,000 TWIN.

Q: #AMA Do you have any current competitor in bsc or erc?
LJ: Currently, Twinci is the first NFTs social — marketplace on BSC.

Q: #AMA How is the price prediction after IDO?
LJ: That’s such a great question. We do believe that the more people get twin, the more value twin will be.

LJ: We understand that the upcoming change will cause some inconvenience to you guys. However, this is such a great opportunity for us to develop in future.

Q: #AMA Is there locked time for tokens in IDO 1 and 2 ?
LJ: Details about the upcoming IDO will be announced at Twinci Official Channel tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Q: #AMA Do you have forecast about mcap for Twin in the future?
LJ: With the KOLs participating and the market cap of artists and gaming, we do believe that the market cap will be huge

Q: #AMA Who doing Binance?
LJ: Binance soon

Q: #AMA So the TWIN farming will also take place on Launchzone?
LJ: Sure

LJ: We understand that the change will cause some inconvenience to you guys. However, this is such a great opportunity for us to develop in the near future. Thanks for your understanding.

Details on the upcoming IDO on Launchzone this April 16th will be officially announced on Twinci Official Channel.

Thanks for your participation in our AMA today!